Getting there with you

We provide services ranging from voice, network, data centers and business internet, delivering carrier-neutral, unbiased, best-of-breed solutions to you. We are here so you can focus on your business.

Our Beginning

Northview Communications existed by believing in folks we come across, by trusting them and earning their trust. We also believe each business has their unique proposition -from Acupuncture to Zip-Lining-, which helped them focus on what they do great. We believe they shall never have to be bogged down by IT complication. On the same token, because each business is uniquely run, we believe IT solution should be customized as such. Lastly, we are all connected via the one planet, which makes us, and you, a family.

Hold fast to these beliefs, we started Northview Communications as the platform to allow us to be great, and help us inspire you to be better at yourself with technology, by delivering tomorrow, today!

Our Vision

We strive to simplify IT. In order to simply IT, we have to be the single source to you. Keeping in line with this vision to simplify, we simply, brought every possible solution, and every possible carrier under one roof. By doing so, we became the true provider, with an unbiased view, incorporating voice, cloud, networks and business continuity delivery to your front door.

We will always stay neutral, providing the best of breed solutions customized just for you.