What Makes Our VoIP Platform Different?

Our Network

NorthviewVoice™ platform and services are housed in four data centers. The Dallas, Virginia, Philadelphia and Las Vegas creating a truly redundant network. Two of our sites housed the application for provisioning and management, while the other two are utilized to manage the traffic across the platform. 

These data centers are built from a high availability architecture with a dedicated 1000 MB connection constantly synchronizing between the four.

They are strategically located so we can provide the greatest flexibility in serving you. These platforms are Active-Active, which means all facilities are running production traffic at all times, and can serve as a full back up to the other if an issue were to occur in one of the data centers.

We will never take risks with your business. You can count on us!

Fully Hosted PBX

You need a solution that meets your requirements and will scale with your business. You are getting the state of the art feature set and constantly being pushed with upgrades all the time, which means you constantly get new features added to your phone systems.

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Key advantages

  • A to Z worldwide outbound termination
  • Virtually no hardware to manage
  • Keep your phone number
  • Scalable from 1 – 1,000 users
  • Easy to use customer web portal
  • Unlimited software updates at no cost