Video and Audio Conferencing

Why Businesses Need Video Conferencing Capabilities?

Video and audio conference software is any service that provides live screen sharing for presentations and meetings from one web-connected computer to another. Web and audio conferencing has become an essential aspect of every business, in the telecommunications industry and beyond. The ability to add videos, links, whitepapers and more gives much more depth and interaction on material that is being presented.

With businesses increasingly relying on online collaborative services, Northview Communications has reacted to that demand and offer web conference software, video conference software, unified communication and teleconference solutions.

Just a Few Features You Will Love

  • Video Sharing
    • Add videos to your online meetings to make strong impressions.
  • Personable Collaboration
    • Use all of your communication tools, not just voice.
  • Interaction
    • Give your audience control, take it away, and chat.